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Got Latest CT Results an Hour Ago on My Provider's App

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Capox Dude
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My CEA had been rising a bit, nothing super high, but a steady rise.  I was due for a CT, as I have liver lesions that MD Anderson can't decide are mets or something else. Colon cancer loves it some liver, so both surgeons consulted said cut them out, as I was likely mis-staged and I should have been a IV.  I was about to have surgery to remove them last fall when my surgeon did biopsies of the lesions and all three came back negative.  So he decided to wait.   My results from yesterday's CT showed the surgical clips they put in (to show the exact position of the lesions for removal in that cancelled surgery) - but - and this is a surprse - they found "No focal lesions evident".    The maybe mets have taken a siesta.  So that is good news.  With folks getting less than good news, I just wanted to share this to show that when things are looking concerning, there is sometimes good news in the future, no matter how unlikely it seems at the moment.

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Canadian Sandy
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Great news.....thanks for the update.

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Whoa!  We need more good news like that.  Congratulations.

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Im glad you got some good news and shared. That gives others hope. I wish you the best as you go foward. I'm at a different point but feel I'll get the time god allows me. Which is fine with me.

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I hope they take a VERY LONG siesta - in other words, sleep the sleep of the dead and never come back. 

Stay healthy and strong. 


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YAY!!!  Thats fantastic news!!!  

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That is absolutely wonderful news.  Thank you for sharing.


Tom M.
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Capox, thats great news. I was kinda having the same things going on with me. Last 3 scans showed nothing. 1 PET 2 CT's   Liver biopsy negitive. Ride it out my friend. Stay healthy and keep us posted.

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That is definitely great news!

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Capox Dude
Posts: 77
Joined: May 2019

I mostly wanted to share to show that staging and diagnosis is not an infallible science, so there is still hope in the face of news that is not good.  Heck, spontaneous remission is not an every day thing, but it is not legend either. Everyone hang in there and see what the tide brings in. 

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Hit the road maybe mets and don't you come back no more, no more!!

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May those "maybe mets" take a siesta forever!

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