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Happy Birthday, Beaumont Dave - 23rd

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Joined: Jan 2013

I hope you have a great day, in spite of lockdown and all the craziness that comes with this year. 

You're a rock, here on the forum, and we appreciate you and your ever sensible advice, more than you will ever know. 

Happy Day, my friend. 


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Of many people one can rave, but few so worthy as Beaumont Dave,
such suave affair, such unmistakable cool, he's got the kind of knowledge
you can't learn in school.
Despite deep hardships, such strife few might endure
when it comes to life Dave says a"Give me some more"
Not big on preaching
or any kind of self boasting, but when someones in trouble
He gets busy posting.
I'm grateful to Dave for helping me through, and wishing
all good things, may they happen for you.
Happy Birthday Dave! 
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Posts: 5512
Joined: Jan 2013

Don't ever leave the forum, Peter; we need your mix of humour and empathy. 


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Joined: Apr 2018

Hope you have wonderful day despite the craziness!

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Joined: Nov 2019

Happy Birthday to you!!!!  

Love the "Ode"

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Canadian Sandy
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Joined: Jul 2016

Happy Birthday Dave! You are a bright light on this forum.

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Joined: May 2019

I hope your day is filled with sunshine and love, happy happy birthday!

Tom M.
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Joined: May 2019

Happy Birthday Dave and many, many more to you.

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Thanks Sue, Peter, and each of you for the well wishing. 62 finds me feeling fairly good , though I clock time up and doing, with periods of being off these feet/ankles. Lots of movies and books then, but my mind has always been able to soar beyond my circumstance, a handy thing in our struggles. The family's all good, the kid runs most of the biz, I just plug in as needed, and focus on chores around my place and my mother's house. It's quite nice to just be doing me, and some driving trips are in the offing. So for anyone who wonders how good it can be 12+ years after veering down this path, and 5+ years passed the deepest emotional hole I can imagine, it's a comfortable easiness, I wish for everyone here to someday attain. You really do appreciate the little things more, when you can contrast them with life's harder moments. Not having Cindy here, still hurts, but it's not such a bitter, angry thing, it just is what it is. Life stops being about some ''brass ring'', and lets you enjoy the aspects of the ride, and that's enough.............................................Dave

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Gail E
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We're in this for the long haull. I was diagnosed in 2014 and I just turned 54. Keep up the fight!

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Happy birthday to such a young man!  May you live to 90 as I expect to!!

Good luck!

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