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Thinking about Butt

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Is there anyone on the forum who is in touch with Butt?  

I did send a personal message via CSN, but have not heard anything.  

I confess I am worried about her. 


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I wrote to her after the board went up again from its lockdown. Got no reply. Hope she will come back and is safe during these times.

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She's had it so rough, I hope she is just taking a break.

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I am still around. i wasn t aware if any direct messages perhaps I was missing the notifications but saw them now. One thing here that I believe can benefit some members is that I found a doc close to Memphis. His name is Axel Grothey. A totally brilliant guy and I never have seen anything like that and yes I went to Sloan Ketterin and MD Anderson. He is originally from Germany. You can find him on YouTube. Nothing less than brilliant In terms of knowledge. For those who neEd's the second opinion he is the one to go. He is a very big dog in Europe. Butt. Thank you for thinking of me! 

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Posts: 5457
Joined: Jan 2013

So happy to hear from you. 

It is great to hear that you have found a Doctor that you are excited about. I hope he can help you through this journey. 

It is truly great to hear from you. 


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Canadian Sandy
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Good to hear from you Butt!


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