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I think I'm winning for now

Tom M.
Posts: 181
Joined: May 2019

I had a chat with my liver surgeon yesterday morning and she told me that my scan was better than the last one I had which was the begining of Feb. She see's nothing in there. All my blood work is good. CEA @ 1.6 I guess for now I will just be obsereved. Praying everything holds up well. Seeing onc. for follow up visit tomorrow and to get a port flush.

SnapDragon2's picture
Posts: 532
Joined: Nov 2019

I love hearing your good news!!!!

Tom M.
Posts: 181
Joined: May 2019

Thanks Snap. Day to day as we all know. Nice to get some good news. I pray for all of us everyday.

Posts: 1282
Joined: Apr 2012

May we all be NED forever more!!  Good luck to you!

SandiaBuddy's picture
Posts: 1177
Joined: Apr 2017

Congratulations.  It sounds like great news.

AnneO1965's picture
Posts: 180
Joined: May 2019

Yay Tom!!! I'm doing a happy dance for you right now!

Posts: 405
Joined: Apr 2018

Congrats --hope you continue to have clean scans and can relax and live a little lol!

Annabelle41415's picture
Posts: 6711
Joined: Feb 2009

That is absolutely wonderful news.  Just remember your first visit here and how you were just starting to countdown your treatments and now you are done, and getting great news.  Keep up the great attitude as it goes a long way and so glad you got good news.


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Canadian Sandy
Posts: 707
Joined: Jul 2016

Good news Tom and keep it that way.

Trubrit's picture
Posts: 5461
Joined: Jan 2013

That is the news we like to hear, Tom.  May it continue forever and ever. 


beaumontdave's picture
Posts: 1147
Joined: Aug 2013

Good stuff Tom, hope all the checks come back like that and you get some distance/time logged while enjoying your life to the fullest.......................Dave

Tom M.
Posts: 181
Joined: May 2019

Many many thanks to all of you. I came to this blog a year ago and have read many positive things. Stage 4 sounded so frighting. I googled stage 4 survivors and this came up. Thank you for your kind words and all the help getting through. Love ya all,      Tom

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Capox Dude
Posts: 77
Joined: May 2019

Great to hear.

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Posts: 262
Joined: Feb 2020

That is very good to hear! Really happy about the improvement. Hope you can now have some holidays from cancer treatment, rehabilitate and relax. 

I will pray that everything turns out well :)

PS That you are winning gives me hope that my father can also win

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