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Fever days after chemo

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I'm on my 2nd round of Folfox. I get it every 2 weeks and wear a bag for 46 hours. Neuropathy has been bad this time around and I know it will only get worse. Usually my worst days are Thursday, Friday and Saturday since I get the bag off on Thursday. Today for some reason I felt off and took a nap. When I woke up I had a fever that even with Tylenol is just hanging on. Started at 101.3 and is hovering at 100.8. I didn't want to call the doctor to be told go to the Petri dish of an ER. I'm thinking if it's still there tomorrow I will definitely call the doctor. Anyone have a similar experience? Just curious bc today was a good day and usually the week is good. I don't go back for another round til next week. And before anyone says it - not Covid bc I'm basically a hermit right now. 

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Gail E
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I been off/on chemo. since 2014. I started a round FOLFOX. I never had a fever, but I've been told at least 100 times that everybody is different. I think it would be a good idea to call your doctor. You are in charge if you tell him/her you don't wanna come in, doctor can't make you. Around here, they won't ask you to come in and less you are having a life threatening symptoms like serious shortness of breath. More likely you'll be told to just stay home and treat yourself as if you have the virus, quarantine and all that. Or, it may advised that you do a drive-up test. good luck.

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No fever for me... Maybe you are just getting a summer cold? If it doesn't go away, call your doctor. It's probably nothing to worry about, but it can't hurt to double check. Take care of you!

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I recall having a fever at least once on chemo.  I called the doctor and they told me to monitor and if it went over a certain level to go to the ER.  I think it did go over that level but I survived without intervention.  But I think it is best to get a doctor's advice on the matter. Chemo wreaks havoc on your body.

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You could have a slight temperature and sometimes normal, but if it stays that way until tomorrow definitely call the doctor.  You surely don't want your immune system having to fight anything more than it is from treatment.  Hope you feel better.


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and I hope that your fever has abated and that you are feeling better. 

Would love to have an update. 


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Sorry I disappeared. I was having connection issues logging in. Because I had no other symptoms the oncologist sent me to ER to get blood cultures. They suspected my port was infected. I was pretty dehydrated so got 2 bags of fluids and a prophylactic IV antibiotic. I was supposed to be called by Friday if it was positive and didn't hear anything. They compared blood cultures from my hand and my port. Ironically no fever in ER, came back that night then nothing. I actually went out by myself for the first time in months to do a little retail therapy and got way overheated. So now I have wicked chills and a very minor fever. My SIL had leukemia and MG along with some graft vs host issues. She told me she gets random fevers all the time. So IDK. Go to oncologist for chemo again on Tuesday. Thanks for the advice - just annoyed I couldn't get back in lol 

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Hi Paige!

Are you doing ice therapy? I started ice therapy on second treatment and boy does it work! I sucked on ice cubes for 2 hours and had ice packs on hands and feet. All worked wonders and i only had a little neuropathy but it got worse after 5th treatment and because i type for a living, he took me off the oxalyplatin (which is a regular thing to do with Folfox patients i guess since that's the one chemical in the mixture that has most side effects associated with it). I had chills pretty bad (most likely a fever) after 5th treatment too (i had surgery in January so i was off treatment for 6 weeks and i think the shock back to my body caused me to feel worse than the 4 first treatments. Oh, and also if you're having metal taste or food is tasting weird, take zinc supplements. I took and still take 30 mg a day and that did the trick for that too. Hope things improve for you! Sounds like you and i are on same schedule. I have pump/bag taken off tomorrow also. 

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I ended up going back that day (Saturday) to the ER and was diagnosed with a blood MRSA infection. My port was removed and I'm on Vanco for 2 weeks at home before resuming chemo. Never heard of the ice therapy. My oncologist did mention taking me off the Ox if it got too bad but wanted at least 3 treatments before doing that. I will definitely have to try the zinc - I'm taking B6 and B12 bc it was suggested to help with neuropathy and Vitamin D3 bc I was told it helps with "preventing" cancer. I'll try anything to avoid getting sick again. 

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Good you found source of fever and getting it treated.  As for ice therapy, there are some at my clinic who do it and swear by it.  I haven't done it but its in my toolbox of things if I feel neuropathy at any point.  Good luck to you!

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