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2nd Biopsy

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Hello all, 

I'm a 32 year old healthy and physically active female. I've had a number of lymph nodes growing along my left collarbone and around my neck since November. I had an excisional biopsy at the beginning of March. The ENT that performed the biopsy was not satisfied with the results of the pathology report and referred me out to an oncologist/hematologist. My results said that upon first inspection it appeared there was lymphoma but upon further study of the biopsy, the pathologist concluded that it was benign (reactive). I've had a number of symptoms that have appeared alongside the growths and the oncologist agreed that another CT w/ contrast must be performed along with some bloodwork post biopsy to determine the next course of action. 

Great news my chest scan looked relatively normal with nothing alarming! However my lymph nodes have grown and with the biggest reaching around 3cm now. The only thing that came back on my blood work was abnormally high thyroid levels. This caused concern and the oncologist now believes that it's unlikely this is just reactive so he has recommended a second excisional biopsy to be performed in a few weeks.

He said that sometimes just because one node tested negative did not mean the other nodes were benign as well and that lymphoma can be tricky to diagnose. Of course, this is quite a bit for me to take in as I'm trying to transfer over to the Air Force currently and expected the CT scan to come back normal. I was just wondering if anyone here has had this experience. Thank you so much for reading.



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Hello Diana,
The "other" great news is in addition to that "relatively normal" chest scan, you have an oncologist acting in your best interests with an abundance of caution.
Best case; pathology reports another benign mass.
A less than best case is still pretty good. You're healthy and active. You'll manage and more easily handle treatment.
Remember to update us with those pathology results. All the best.
GO Air Force.

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I agree with your doc that a second biopsy is well-advised.  False negative results in biopsies are much more common than false positives.  I hope this confirms no lymphoma, but this site is full of people who were told for long periods, sometimes even years, that they had no cancer.  But also, lymphoma, in most cases, is among the most easily and successfully treatable of all cancers.  As twowheels asked, please do let us know the results,

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Hi Twowheels and Max, 

Thank you for taking time to give me your input! I wholeheartedly agree, I'm more relieved that I have an oncologist that has my health and well being in his best interest. I've read horrible stories of patients being looked over and not being treated appropriately. I will most definitely keep y'all updated and I'm looking at a mid/late June biopsy and pathology results. Y'all take care!



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I had 3.  One while having a bronchoscopy, one on a lymphnode on my neck and tomorrow I will be having a bone marrow biopsy. 

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