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How are you all finding your virtual visits? I like them for visits that you really only are talking and it saves me travel time. I agree with others that sometimes you need a "touch" visit and also I'm sure it is frustrating for people that are not tech savvy.  But I myself hope we continue to have this option post-virus for appropriate visits. I get the idea that some of my docs are challenged with the technolog, too. And I wish they all used the same system. Downloading different software for different visits is frustrating. I have to say, Fox Chase's system is the easiest. A simple click on a link puts you in their virtual waiting room. But I'll have my "in person" visits in a couple weeks (CT scan, lab, nephrostomy tube replacement). 


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    I had the option even before

    I had the option even before the pandemic, Kaiser uses them fairly freely. They work well for certain things, and no copay. So hopefully docs or systems that weren't using them will now incorporate them. I was glad though that my recent gyn onc folllow up was allowed ... kind of pointless otherwise. 

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    My doctor called me today

    My doctor called me today because all May appointments were canceled.  I'm going to her office for blood work on May 6th. She'll decide, based on those lab results, how she'll continue to treat my diabetes and kidney problems. She asked me if I thought my A1c (blood glucose over three months) will be lower than the 8.9 it was in February. I told her I was almost 100% sure it would since my daily numbers are a lot less. If it goes to 9.0 my insurance company will require me to see an endocrinologist. She is trying to make sure the medication she's giving me to lower my blood glucose doesn't create more problems with my kidneys and magnesium levels.

    Anyway, she said when she gets the lab report back she'll set up a virtual appointment with me on my computer. I'll take my own blood pressure, temperature, and weight and report them to her. Cool, huh??  I bet this whole virus thing changes doctor visits forever.



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    So my vertual visit i had for

    So my vertual visit i had for my follow up was wierd but ok. This is how it went. Once i was connected to her it felt weird but it worked. After discusing how i was she told me she wanted me to come in for my blood work. I was glad for that because i wanted that done even though the CA 125 isnt really a good marker for me because they never took test before my hysterectomy so my numbers have always been low.  Any ways i talked her into scheduling me a ct scan. So i am doing ct scan and blood work and blood pressure in the next few days. The Dr ended up calling me back a few hours after our appointment to give me more info that didnt get discussed. It was kind of bad timing because I was about to get into my car and leave. I had to talk to her first. So like i said i worked but would have been better to get it all done in one visit. 

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    Virtual appointments

    I did a virtual visit with the gynecological oncologist a couple of weeks ago. Frankly I didn't find it particularly helpful since there wasn't any physical exam. I hope that I can see him in person the next time.

    This week I have a virtual visit scheduled with my PCP. I had my bloodwork done last week so we'll have something to discuss. I think a virtual visit in this case will be fine.

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    I don't have a high opinion

    I don't have a high opinion of virtual visits.  My husband and I saw our PCP this past week, they wanted to know if we wanted to do a virtual visit, we declined and went in go his office and got a hands on exam.  He checked all of our vitals, which cannot be done with a phone call or video visit.  Was much more satisfied.