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Hi. My husband has advanced small cell lung cancer

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Hi my name is Amy and 7 years ago I was diagnosed with renal cancer. I had my left kidney removed and it's been a bumpy road but here I am good for the last 18 months until June of last year when my husband of 23 years was diagnosed with advanced small cell lung cancer. After much googling I found this and if I am wrong for posting here please be kind and redirect me and if you know where I should go let me know. My beloved is declining by the day and I am struggling big time. Although we've been married 23 years our history goes way back to when I was 16. I am not coping well behind his back and i am looking for a place to come. Thank you for taking the time to read this and responding 

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also lost my mom to lung cancer-not small cell and my husbands mom was lost to the same. This damned disease has been prominent in both our lives-it actually re-introduced me to my husband as I was living out of state at the time and decided to move home when my mother was diagnose. She always said the best thing about her cancer was that it brought my husband and I back together and the same cancer is what is going to tear us apart

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Is your husband receiving treatment? Small cell cancer is one of the most treatable. I have Stage 4, small cell lung cancer that I had in remission for 6 months. I was just diagnosed with a lesion on my adrenaline gland and will begin radiation treatments right away. My Oncologist feels very confident that we can quickly knock this down.  Meanwhile, I remain on immunotherapy.


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I have been treated for small cell lung caner foor the last year, With chemotherapy and radiation, 6 months ago I starte having trouble with my stomach , Doe's this go away, Has anyone else had this problem ?



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This may be something very simple but it may be a side effect of your treatment.  Please let us know what you learn. 

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My wife has stage four lung cancer it's like a roller coaster once it's going good then it's going bad it's real tough on me because she is declining I have to do everything and work 70 hours a week I hate cancer I'm sorry for everybody who has to go through this cuz it sucks

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Hi amy. Have stage 3. Is there anyone you can talk to/ share concerns with? This sounds like you are going it alone. Try to take a little time for yourself each day doing something you enjoy. Sounds simple but it works for me. Best of luck

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Hi,My wife turned 60 in Sept.spend the day at the clinic, few days later we found out she had small cell lung cancer stage four.Week later found brain tumor and surgey, radiation to get rest of the tumor. Now chemo for her lung three spots on left side.I took 12 weeks off to care for her i try my best for her, i cry when i have moment alone.I'M 61 and want to retire and care for her full time.I have Questions not sure where to turn what benefits i can get.


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