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Just an update

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Hello everyone,

hopefully you all are healthy COVID-wise! 

Had a crazy last couple of months. I work for an airline, and we are terribly hit by a virus and struggling to survive :-(

Also had a bit of cancer scare myself - one my mole started changing rapidly and concerned doc performed a biopsy. Thankfully it came out benign, but I had some unpleasant time thinking what if our daughter now has 2 parents with cancer in anamnesis...

My husband is due to kidney ultrasound, a 6th year follow up. At the moment he postponed it until pandemic is over. I am not worried much, because at least he had his chest x-ray in NOV19 due to suspected pneumonia, and all was clear. As recurrence in kidney is a rare thing for Stage 1, I am OK with delay. My husband, as usually, is not worried at all :-) For him - he is cured, and I love that attitude :-)

I’ll let you know how the follow-up goes later on. 

Glad to see some NED posts, these are the best news these days!

please all stay healthy and cheerfull!


Jo Jo 5152
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Hello,  looking for some insight.  I have a 7.2cm debris-containing cyst on upper pole of left kidney.  Two Pelvic mri tests are to be done Wednesday and 1st appt Friday with Urologist.  I am thinking Bosniak III and I need a  partial nephrechtomy.  Cyst has been there for 18 years.  Always 6cm fluid filled.  Showed up on exray last august at 6cm.  It'll be 6 weeks on May 1st to get an answer.  My anxiety is over the top.

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Welcome to the boards - sorry you had to join us, but this is a great group here. We know what you're going through, so please feel free to ask us questions or to just vent. One tip: instead of posting a reply to Allochka's "Just an update" post, you might want to go under "Kidney Cancer" and click "Add new Forum topic" so others can more easily find your post and read/respond to it. 

The anxiety can be tough, but try to look at the upside. After your neph, it will be out of your body. If it turns out to be benign, no problem - it's out of your body. If it turns out to be something more, it's still out of your body. So either way, you're gonna be great. 

Good luck! You can do this!

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Glad to hear that it was benign and that you and your husband are well. Sorry to hear about your work - hoping and praying you're able to ride this out. When this is all over, we're all gonna need vacations and I, for one, can't wait to fly somewhere, anywhere. 

Please stay safe! 


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Allochka, so glad to hear your biopsy was clear but so sorry about the craziness this virus is causing businesses and your job. Stay healthy and I think your husband was wise to posptone. You don't want to be anywhere near hospitals/doctors offices nowdays unless absolutely necessary.

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This is a H*** of a time to have to be waiting and wondering. That was one of the worst items to deal with (for the past 14 years) is the set of questions created by an upcoming test or the findings that made them need more tests.  And the wait time to get an answer. Ugh.

Thumbs up to Allochka and Hang in there to JoJo.

Hugs, donna_lee

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I'm so glad everything turned out okay with the mole and that you've gotten good initial news about your husband.   All these years you've carried the anxiety of your husband's scans with you--I'm glad this year will be different. 

Keep us posted on the official results--until then--take care!


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