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I went to  appointment with my friend yesterday.  Dr. said because he did not get a clear margin when he removed tumor she needs to have an APR resection.  Dr. said the "roots" of tumor are into tissue and would not show up on a test because they are too small.  Dr. has a better safe than sorry attitude that I understand BUT I know how much she doesn't want the surgery.  I asked him if he spoke to chemo or radiation doctors about the surgery and he stated he spoke to medical oncologist "briefly" and did not speak to radiation doctor because there is notthing to treat by radiation.  


The surgery will be performed in two weeks.  I suggested my friend contact her medical oncologist and get his opinion on surgeons recommendation.  I would think chemo first and APR surgery if cancer comes back.  I realize my cancer was different and I am not a doctor.  It's my friends choice and I would never try to influence her decision.  I just want her to have any information and knowledge I can share with her to help her make that decision.


Has anyone been in this scenerio?  and what did you do?



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    I would definitely want to hear from my Oncologist.  And hear from them in person, and not through another Doctor. 

    Is the Doctor she is dealing with here, a specialist, a GP or a general surgeon?

    So yeah, for me perosnally, if I have Cacner - which I do, of course; or I wouldn't be here - then it would be an Oncologist all the way. 


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    Definitely consult with onc

    Definitely consult with onc and get a second opinion.  

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    Hard to Tell

    It's hard to tell what the best decision would be.  Mine was radiation/chemo, surgery, then more chemo.  If the surgery left unclear margins, then there might not be enough to radiate.  As far as chemo, every doctor is different.  Getting an opinion from her oncologist is always a good idea.  It could be that the two doctors discuss the issues between themselves and come up with the best approach.