recently finished chemo, have questions, would like answers


I just finished (4 weeks) ago a 6 month regimen of Folfox 5FU and still feel the side effects. I had stage 3C Colon cancer diagnosed with a second tumor in my cervical spinal cord which require a C4-7 Laminectomy  and apparently the surgeon had to play around with strands of the cord to get the entire tumor (cancerous but benign) out. I went to hospital Aug 4th last year for belly pain, had an emergency appendectomy  that night and woke up with a canc er diagnosis and a bowel resection. The tumor had not shown up on CT scan so it was a miracle that the appendectomy had compliocations and the surgeon ended up seeing the tumor and removing it. PE T scan showed 2nd tumor in spine , so another surghery on Sep 30. In hosp 14 days after this one til I could ambulate on my own. 

Long story in between but went back to work the Monday before Thanksgiving and have been working since(  at home since the C ovid outbreak)

I tried to start a support group at my new hometown, but nobody showed up, so here I am at my wifes insistence.

I have some significant persistent side effects and I will try not to be too graphic:

My fingertips are numb( you can probably see wheere I gave up retyping all the mistakes)

I forget words and have to explain things.

Everything that touches my bare skin feels cold.

Legs are numb from mid-thigh down including most of my feet ( could be spinal surgery)

It feels like a knotted rope is up my butt and wrapped around my privates and it pulls somewhere every step i take.

I waqlk like a zombie (without arms raised) and would probably get shot if the apocolypse ever happened.


I just had my post treatment CT scan and am waiting for an appointment (Covid delays) to get results.

Can someone tell me if the side effects go away? When? Will I ever feel normal again?

 What does NED mean?