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SO- now that my BF's kidney is removed we battle the question of what to eat? I have been looking up super foods and what to eat, what to avoid however, I'ld like to know what everyone's oppinion is and suggestions and or recipes? I made a super broth for him and slowly adding fresh carrots, chicken, etc. This morning he had fresh maine blueberries over greek vanilla yogurt. Any ideas would be great! I realyl like knowing whats going into the body that can help with under lying issues. have a good day!:)


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    Balance is key for me

    I really watch my salt and eat a balanced diet.  I make it a point to have fresh fruits and greens every day.  Not sure if this helps, but it works for me.


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    There's no magic bullet food. Like stub said, balanced healthy diet is the way to go. Also-

    -Kidney health. You can google for foods that are good for kidneys. Since he has just the one kidney now, he should take care of it. 

    -Plenty of water. Again, with one kidney, he'll want to keep it working as well as possible - so make sure he's upped his water intake per day. 

    -The usual bad stuff like high blood pressure and diabetes can be really bad when you have the one kidney - so easy on the fatty foods, salt, sugary sodas, etc. 

    Good luck! 


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    No Ibuprofen!

    Well balanced normal diet.  So if he wasnt eating healthy before, it would be a good time to try harder.  Drink enough water.  Be careful and not have an excess of protein.  Its very hard on the kidneys.  Lower salt intake is also good.   Do not take Ibuprofen.  Use tylenol instead.