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Does brachytherapy cause scar tissue?

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I need some advice ... I was diagnosed on February 27, 2020. I had two biopsies and a bilateral MRI. One node was moderately invasive melanoma. 


 I saw 3 different surgeons and they all gave me different advice. The first one wanted to take out the cancer and non cancer plus external beam radiation, second just the cancer then brachytherapy which is targeted and only lasts a week, third cancer and external beam radiation.


It’s too late now to get any surgery because of COVID-19. I was too scared to get the surgery right away without a second opinion, so when I saw the second surgeon I was ready to do it but he changed his mind overnight and said it had to be postponed. 


I just saw the third surgeon wants to remove the cancer in late July, Early August and 6 weeks of external beam radiation. She said brachytherapy is out because it causes too much scar tissue and is just a big money maker.


I am confused. Do any of you have experience with brachytherapy? It would be a little uncomfortable to have the tube inserted in my breast but the radiation would not be burning my whole breast and would be over in a week.


I have Stage 1 Grade 2 breast cancer on the right side. I don’t know what to think!

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