Karen MG

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 I am so sorry to tell you that Karen MG has passed on.   She was brave & awesome, she got her trip to Hawaii & she believed in Heaven. 

Thinking of you all in this strange time. Stay Safe

Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui




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    I did not know Karen from

    I did not know Karen from this site but when I saw this it saddened me deeply. We all know what each of us are going through at different times of our journey with this disese. May Karen rest in peace and may God shine His mercy onto her family in their time of sorrow.

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    So very sorry to hear this

    Thank you so much for posting. Often times our friends go missing, and we just never know what has happened to them.

    Bless her for her fight, and peace to her loved ones.  



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    My sympathies to her friends and family.  It is comforting to know she got her Hawaii trip.

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    This breaks my heart!  I am

    This breaks my heart!  I am so glad she got to experience the beauty of Hawaii.  Her family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers.

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    I am so sad to hear this

    She was so determined to fight this, and scared. I am glad she got her trip, I hope she found peace.

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    She wanted so desperately to go on her dream vacation and she did it.  I'm so glad she was able to enjoy that time in Hawaii.  May she rest in peace.


  • abita
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    I remember chatting with her

    I remember chatting with her about losing my hair. She seemed so nice. It is terrifying to think that treatment didn't work. This is just so sad. Heartbreaking 

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    My thoughts and prayers are

    My thoughts and prayers are with her family and loved ones. It's a rough road we are going down. I wish NED and happiness for all of you.

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    Karen had a really hard time

    Karen had a really hard time emotionally. Rest In Peace Karen.


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    This breaks my heart. Karen

    This breaks my heart. Karen had a difficult time this last year between treatment and family. I hope she is at peace. She was always sweet to me. Here’s a response to one of my comments to her:

    “Thanks a bunch, your words mean a lot. It's rare to hear positive thoughts these days.

    How are you doing? I hope things are good for you. No, you are definitely not alone in your fears. Who wouldn't be petrified of the big C? It has shaken me to the core.

    Write to me anytime!


    I’m selfishly sad that she is not here. She gave me support and love when I needed it. i‘m devastated. I hope shes at peace.


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    Sad to hear about, but she is

    Sad to hear about, but she is at peace, after so much turmoil in her life, and little support, for whatever reasons. RIP..................................................Dave

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    So sorry to hear about Karen

    I haven't been on the site for several weeks.  I'm happy she got to go to Hawaii.  I was supposed to go this spring but can't go for awhile due to travel restrictions, and of course common sense of social distancing.  

    RIP Karen 

  • Tueffel
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    I did not know her but I wish for her family a lot of strength to go through this. I am sure Karen is at a better place now. 

    Rest in peace Karen

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    Just heartbroken

    Glad to hear she made her trip to Hawaii, so heartbroken though to hear of her passing. 

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    very sad news.

    So glad she made that trip to the Islands, rest in peace Karen!

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    Sorry to her that Karen lost her fight and will keep her family and friends in my thoghts and prayers.  



  • ellend
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    So sorry to hear about Karen

    She had her struggles, but was a fighter. I'm glad to hear that she was able to go on her dream vacation. I hope she was able to enjoy it. I will miss her posts on this site.

    Rest in Peace Karen.