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I have 2 question in 1. A week after chemo I have a clear case of a chemo brain but I also experience periodic hallusinations. I don t have a history of a mental desease. It appears to be an effect if chemo toxicity. Did anyone have it? Second, on my off week when I become more mentally clear and want to complete a financial transaction in a rather significant amount , can my health surrogate prevent me from doing it under a position if my protection. Pardon, the third one. Who can establish a position of competence on me? Butt


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    I'm really not able to help you on any of it, but chemo brain is common where you forget things, or things temporarily don't make sense, but never experienced any hallucinations during treatment.  You might want to ask your doctor about that.  As far as the transactions go, if you have someone that you can trust you might want to run the bank info with them before posting it, but you want to make sure you can trust them.  I'd hate to see anyone being taken advantage of by a person that they trusted only to know they stole you blind.  Do you have an attorney you can use on your behalf?  It's just a thought, but then they charge so much it might not be worth it.


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    Hi Butt,  Maybe contact the

    Hi Butt,  Maybe contact the Social Security Administration and ask about a case manager.

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    Money for someone whom I know. The PoA knows that person, too. With that we are in clear. The money was sent. The PoA did the same To the same  person.