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12 years of NED with side effects to kidneys

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Hello All


My dad was diagnosed stage 3C in Aug 2008.APR resection and a colostomy followed.

6 rounds of folfox and 30 radiation cycles.


cut to 2010-intestinal obstruction occured and another part of intestine was resected.

2012 he started having cysts in his rectum which a horrible oncologist led us to believe was a cancer recurrence and treated him with 2 doses of avastin(chemo).GI perforation followed and we discontinued the treatment as we were given 2 months to live.

 Soon after his hair grew back,he gained 15 pounds and became more handsome than ever.Hair came back jet black( :D).

In 2014 he started having kidney and bladder retention issues,lot of nighttime urination and creatinine kept rising.Now the kidney function has dropped to 20% of original and the nephrologist says its like radiation related.

Anyone else facing side effects of treatments especially long time survivors?






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I have been NED for the last 10 years.  Diarrhea has been the only side effect. lucky me!!Hope your dad hangs in there!

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on April 24th I will celebrate six years NED. 

I live with several long-tem side effects from both chemo and radiation, but none of them are severe, or somethign I can't live with - at this time.

I have damage to my vagina, which won't be an issue for your dad, though I don't doubt that some men have their own issues in that general area.

Other than the vaginal stenosis, the other big rediation issue I have is joint pain in my hips. I can tell that it is getting worse as I age, and try and keep myself active.

So far I have not had any side effects that have diminised my quality of life, other than the no sex thing and the unpredictable bowel, which a minor compared to other problems.

I hope your father can find some relief from his current issues.

Cancer, the gift that keeps on giving. 


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So sorry to hear of your dad's issues, but radiation and chemo can do a number on the body.  When they target the radiation, sometimes nearby organs get effected and it seems to be something not talked about.

Like Tru, my vagina shrank and that was an issue from the onset.

Also, both my hips have been replaced because the radiation has killed off part of my bones.  I've never had my white count go back to normal after that either as the hips are one of the largest suppliers of your white cells.

I'm living life to the fullest I'm able and lucky I'm here 11 years later.

Wishing your dad well.


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