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I feel weird saying this...

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My stepdad got diagnosed with lymphoma about a month ago. He started chemo last week. 


I'm getting help from counselors understanding that my stepdad, mom, brother and sister are all in shock, denial, and can'r process everything. My parents told me to opt out of work, stay home, and wear a mask. Great. Only everyone else is working except for my sister. My mom has gone out with my sister the past 3 days to look for an apartment for my sister, even though my sister has no job.

My stepdad has been sitting on the couch in silence all day. I have tried to communicate with them. I have a group text. I talk to them in person. They don't say anything to me, or our extended family. I have set up a way for the extended family to connect, and I guess my parents have not told everyone my stepdad is doing chemo. 3 days ago, my parents told me at 9pm, they had been talking about it. I needed to not go to work the next day or I'd have to move out. I'm not sure like, that's ever possible to do? I have to wear a mask at home because "I've been exposed to the virus and don't have symptoms." 

They've gone off the deep end. I guess my counselor thinks it's serious. I feel like not talking to my friend anymore. We just got in an argument because she says really, I'm going behind my family’s back by talking to counselors. My family isn't sick it's weird and she doesn't get why I'm doing that. I told her the counselors said it's serious and they're glad I'm asking for help. She said "sorry, I don't get it, and that's all I have to say." 

I guess yeah, I feel better now. I know you guys get it. I was grateful my friend is with me. But what happens if I get sick and she tells me to be patient or I'm acting weird? Or being dramatic? It's a real eye opener for sure. But this is why we're friends first. Now adversity has hit and I see that maybe she's not as compassionate and understanding as she tells me to be. That's how it goes sometimes!!

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