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Tele-Med conference

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The Covid-19 has forced new procedures on the local clinics.  Our county in Oregon has, thus far, had no positive tests.  But Drs' have changed how they deal with things like an Oncology check.  Last week, I was screened between the the entry doors before being admitted for labs.  Today was my follow up by computer to my cell phone.  She was hired after my visit 6 months ago and we've only met with a little picture.  I think things are OK-just drink more water, and have a CT in 6 months.  Guess that means NED for now.

OUr business is still at work as an "essential."  But lots more paperwork to deal with the laws and rules that change almost daily.  And I'm in the HR part of the business, which means more record keeping, policy writing and implementation, and reading the volumes of interpretations that come in the email on a daily basis.  We got a notice from SAIF (Oregon's Sate Accident Insurance Fund) that does Workers' Comp.  They've established a $10 million fund to reimburse business for PPE, sanitary supplies. worksite redesign, job modifications, safety training, and related items.  That will help a lot, since we've already spent several hundreds of dollars on PPE-cleaning supplies and training.  

On a fun note-things I've enjoyed the past couple of weeks on my way to work:  New calves playing king of the hill in a pasture, a pair of Mallards and a pair of Lesser Canada Geese getting ready to play Mama and Papa, a Kestrel on the line watching for dinner, and not seeing so many people out and about as they Shelter in Place.

Hope the day brings good news to all of you.  You may have to look for it....kind of like "Where's Waldo."

Hugs to all,


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Congrats, Donna! Please stay healthy and safe! 


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Agree with Eugene. Ned is ned. Stay safe and virus free!

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Congrats Donna on the NED, let's stay alert and we will get thru this pandemic!

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Congratulations, Donna, on the continued NED status.  As many of you know I work in a public school---this has turned our world upside down.  I'm hopeful I can get my 4 year scans in June.  The way things sound, I may have to wait another month or two.

Take care,


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Bay Area Guy
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We're in the same boar for scans Stub.  Mine were due in May.  No way do I think I can (or want to) go near any kind of health facility for a while.  Heck, our nieces and nephews (we're in our 60's with no kids of our own) won't allow us out to do our own shopping, so they'd get pretty angry at me for getting a CT and x-ray.    Oh well.  This will eventually pass.


Donna-Lee, congrats on being tele-med NED.  Tele-NED?

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My daughter is a teacher.  Got her bedroom re-arranged and supplies arranged near it, with the camera not facing her bed.  Tight quarters.  She got up in the night and tripped on the piles around the desk.  

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March 23 with no issues at my local diagnostic center, actually it was deserted, with no elective procedures going on in FL I was in and out in 15 minutes. Had my follow up via face time with my DR, ned again. I wouldnt be scared to go have scans, hospitals/diagnostic centers are probably some of the cleanest places out there right now, assuming your hospital isnt over run with covid, we have 30  known cases in my county, with 5 hospitalized. Good luck to all.

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Congrats on your NED! Keep it going! 

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