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Has anybody been treated with keytruda /Pembrolizumab

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Hi all

My husband has stage 4 metastatic esophageal cancer. He is currently receiving chemotherapy and so far the cancer has stopped growing. There are trials available in the UK for Pembrolizumab or Keytruda. Has anybody been treated with this drug for esophageal cancer and if so how effective has it been please? 

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Hi Bailey,

I have no personal experience but I am aware of a number of esophageal cancer survivors that have had good results with Keytuda.

This site does not get a lot of posts anymore. I would recommend you post your question on https://www.smartpatients.com/ in the esophageal cancer discussion area and you should get responses from a number of people there that are taking Keytrua.



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Hi Bailey! I live in Kansas, USA, and my husaband is getting treated at KU Medical Center. He had brain mets, one was large enough that it was causing swelling so they had to do brain surgery to take out the malignant brain tumor, the other 3, and they used radiation on the fourth spot just to make sure it wouldn't come back, was done. His GI Oncologist wants to add him into a trial chemotherapy, along with his FOLFOX, but he's sure he'll have to be clear of brain mets. I don't know how long he'll have to be clear of it, but we already discussed it, and since the Oncologist is excited about wanting him to be on it, we will definitely be happy to give it a try when he's able to. Best of luck!!!

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