Tips for Regaining Continence after Prostatectomy?

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Underwent a prostatectomy in late February and had my urinary catheter removed almost 3 weeks ago. Was doing some Kegel exercises before surgery and also have been doing them since having the catheter removed. Have regained a lot of control but still difficult to control leakage when going out for walks. I've noticed that the Kegel exercise routines offered by different medical web sites and different doctors seems to vary. I've seen some advice saying that Kegel exercises should be done standing up, others saying while sitting or lying down, and others saying that it doesn't matter. Also, have seen different statements on how many times the exercises should be done and for how long (e.g., 4 sets of exercises each day, with 10 repetitions per set and holding the muscles tense for 3 seconds for each repitition). Also, have seen various descriptions on how to identify the muscles needed for Kegel exercises and regaining continence.


Any tips or suggestions based on personal experiences on how to best do these Kegel exercises and how long did it take to recover full continence?




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    I did the kegels before my RARP and afterwards.  I scored a 4 out of 5 when a physical therapist put three probes up my rectum and had me kegel prior to the RARP.  Currently, I wear no pads and have been that way since around the 4 to 6 month time post RARP.  I think what helped me was the kegels and when I went to the bathroom, I would purposely start and stop the flow while standing there at the toilet.  Hope this helps.  Good luck on your journey.

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    Kegels and patience.  It can

    Kegels and patience.  It can take time and be frustrating. I had my prostatectomy 2 1/2 years ago and it was a slow process for me.  I still wear a light pad everyday as an abundence of caution against occasional stress incontinece. Far better than the 4-6 heavy pads / day that I started with. We're all different. The key is to be patient and realize that an occasional leak is a whole lot better than the alternative. Good luck,be patient.

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    Hi All,

    I do both the long squeeze (about 10) for about 20 sec. each and then do pulses to a count of around 30(again around 10).  I wear a light pad every day but when I change the pad it weighs nothing so I think it pretty empty. I still feel a few drops every now & then either on long walks or stretching different ways.  I feel that your sucess with Kegels is more dependent on how much carving your Surgeon did around your bladder area than anything else.  But I keep doing them every day, I feel they do help.

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    lighterwood67, jeffman, and Clevelandguy-

         Thanks for the tips and insights. Clevelandguy, I've been starting to come around to the idea that longer squeezes than the 3 second squeezes that were mentioned in one Kegel workout I had been following may be more effective, too, since in my current state it takes me longer than 3 seconds for me to fully stop the flow after I start.

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    Decipher Genomic Test Result

    Hello everyone,


    Please I need your opinion on my genomic test result (result attached). I am tempted to continue with active surveillance but 2 different uro-surgeons adviced me to do robotic surgery. I am 56. The result of the genomic test is 0.44 on a scale of 0-1.0. Genomic risk is low and it shows the risk at the tip of the high point of LOW and just before the Intermidiate level. Risk of High Grade Disease at Radical Prostatectomy is 21.7%, risk of mastasis within 5 years is 3.7% and risk of prostate cancer death within 10 years is 4.4% Advice please.

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    Start a new post?

    Hi Restored,

    You might want to start a new post............

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