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Timely article about cancer patients and Covid-19

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Coronavirus means difficult, life-changing decisions for me and my cancer patients






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It's true, and it's depressing.  I try to remember that I am lucky.  I have a comfortable, spacious home.  My daughter and husband are here with me.  I live in a lovely suburban neighborhood, and can take long walks with the dog, still.  I can take a walk with a friend - albeit with 15 feet between us.  I'm not in pain.  I can still get treatment safely in the nearby suburban infusion center.  If I am terminally ill, it may be far off yet.  I can still live, and enjoy the spring.

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Thanks. I've shared the link with my extended family. It's a really sobering article that drives home that there's going to be a lot of collateral damage from what's going on and that it's all the more reason to hunker down like they want us to. It's not going to be a good time to get sick or injured for anyone for quite a while. 

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