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38 high CRP and esophageal Polyps

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   Good Evening,


    I am new to all of this 3 weeks ago I had blood work done and my C Reactive protein was very high and then I had a endoscopy and colonosopy during which 2 polyps were removed from my esophogus. I have a strong family hiustory of cancer, My Father had stomach cancer and my Mother and Grandmother colon cancer. it has been 2 weeks and my results are not back yet. I have called and the nurse said that onlkhy part of the results are back and she can't tell me anythging yet. Has anyone know why the results could be taking to long and how worried should I be. I am 38 and a single Mom 

   I have always had reflux, but recently It has gotten worse, I burp all the time, I have a funny minty taste/feeling in my mouth, I have had a lot of bloating and gas pain (like the need to burp) I am scared it is just me and my 2 daughters, any advice or insight would help me a lot.


  Thank you in advance

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Hi WondrWmn,

I am so sorry you find yourself in this position. Unfortunately, I suspect that most labs that do stain analysis of biopsy results are backed up at this time because of the glut of coronavirus tests being processed.

As I am sure you know, most esophageal polyps are benign, or noncancerous. However, since polyps are caused by abnormal cell growth, they can eventually become cancerous.

Two weeks does seem to be an abnormal amount of time to receive results.

My personal experience was, when they found my biopsy results to be adenocarcinoma (esophageal cancer), they called my gastroenterologist’s office immediately and he called me with the bad news immediately. (That took about four days because it spanned a weekend)

I would think if it were really bad news you would know by now. I would be tempted to call your doctor’s office back and be a bit more insistent. I would ask when can I expect results and when can I talk to my doctor? Sometimes you have to be your own advocate to get results, particularly in these difficult times.

Best Regards,


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CRP is really only an accurate measure of body wide inflammation. You could have arthritis, a bad cold, or the flu and CRP could be through the roof. I am currently dealing with a cancer recurrence and my CRP and other tumor markers are not elevated at all. 

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