18 Years Later

Lisa Rose
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18 Years Later

Hello CSN Family,

Just wanted to share hope and inspiration to anyone starting this journey.

Brief History:

Surgery March 20, 2002

Stage 3C rectal cancer with 10 positive lymph nodes.

Had follow up Chemo and Chemo/ Radiation Combo

No Recurrence 


Thrilled to be starting my 19th year in Remission 

Lisa Rose


  • Trubrit
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    It is always a boost to hear from long-time survivors. 

    May you see more 19 years ahead. 


  • th4rs
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    May you have nothing but cancer free years ahead!!


  • steve g
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    Hi Lisa

    Hope you and Andy are doing well, nice to see yuou on-line      Phyllis & Steve

  • Annabelle41415
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    That's Absolutely Wonderful

    Thank you so much for posting that amazing suvival story.  It's always great to hear from survivors from long ago.  So glad that you are still doing well and came on this board to update us all.  Wishing you continued health.