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Sometimes life makes the decisions

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Donna Faye
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So much has happened in the time we were offline so let me share a little. I sold my home so easily and put the equity in a MM for end of life care when needed. Moved to my son's home Feb. 29, and all settled and all my worldly goods in one room! Just like I wanted it. My guys have been fantastic and Harry(my dog) and I feel right at home. Everything was all done when this virus hit. Now everything is closed or limited in NC. My oncologist called me this morning and clinic has been canceled so we had my appt' over the phone. CT scan on Fri. is all good. Nothing alarming. Because of BP and protein in urine, she is asking me to do Megace/tamoxifen - 3 weeks megace/ 3 weeks tamx! Then in 3 months will see where things are. My tumor has been slow growing in the past, so she feels this is best way for now. Then in June will see what is and go from there. I am at peace with that. We are buying time and I feel great and am in such a good place. Believe me, I am so humbled by the love of my children and their willingness to talk about the coming year. My attorney and I spoke and he said he wished all people would have their ducks in a row as I do. He is a family friend and will help should children need any advice. So, for now am just enjoying the company of my son and his mate and emailing friends, coloring up a storm and calling other son and daughter once a week. Life is good and I am wishing that for each of us on this site. You are all so special and each one contributes so much wisdom and support. xoxo df

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I'm just started that regime since just found out I have a reoccurrence. So far no problem with tamoxifen. Beware of weight gain, extreme hunger, and increased blood sugar from Megace. But it was life saving for me for 3 years so worth it. Good luck!

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Donna Faye
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Joined: Jan 2017

Actually, I have been following your treatment carefully and that was one of the reasons I agreed to try this as you had mentioned Megace and its impact. I am so attached to the wisdom on this board. May we both do well.

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As always, love your optimism. I hope you are doing well on your treatment. I love your new picture! It is just so joyful.

Love and Hugs,


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