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Left bum discomfort after dilator and sex

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I have not been having regular sex or using my dilator on a regular basis. I did not use my dilator for 4 months. When I did use it I ended up having some bleeding. I was checked out by my Mayo P.A., radiation onco doc and oncologist NP.  They said everything looked Great. They stated the bleeding was from adhesions. Well, just went back to using my dilator on a regular basis and also had sex for the first time in 6 weeks. 10 minutes after sex I had a electric shock  like feeling in my lower leg and foot. It went away after 15 minutes or so. i also had a slight discomfort in my left butt. That went away within 8 hours or so. 

I just used my dilator tonight. I got the same tingling feeling in my left leg again!  Its very slight! Also had sex last night. No leg issues but having some left sided butt discomfort. I will not I played tennis yesterday hitting balls for over an hour. Not sure if that is causing the discomfort today or not. I did have back discomfort last month which started after lifting and increased after intercourse.  I stopped both and the discomfort went away in a couple of days.  

Has anyone experienced this?  Is buttock pain associated with something sinester?  

I recall being at the gym months ago and feeling a pull in my lower leg back  it acts up every now and then.  I also had a ton of blood work done last month  My ca125 was 10.2  my last ct of the abdomen and pelvis was in July  

Thanks so much  


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Pain in butt and shooting down leg sound like sciatica.  But I never heard of it being triggered by vaginal penetration.  Could it be that leaning over to insert the dilator, or the position you're in during sex, could be triggering sciatica?  The Ca125 is good, but we all know that LadyMox saw a decreased Ca125 while her cancer was rapidly progressing.  Maybe an MRI is in order.  It shows soft tissues with great clarity, without radiation.

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zsazsa - thought the same thing about sciatic.  I have gotten some pains where standing, sitting, or laying down is impossible.  I cannot get comfortable.  

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