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Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but as a cancer survivor, am I still considered to have a suppressed immune system? I'm 15 years NED.




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    Good question....

    and not at all dumb.

    I have been wondering the same, and until I find out different, I am exercising social distancing.

    I will look forward, with you, to others to reply. 


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    Good question

    It is indeed a good question especially during these times. 

    The best way to check is to ask your GP when you had your last complete blood count. When they draw blood they always check how many white blood cells (our immune cells) are in it. Your doctor could tell you this way exactly.

    I can unfortunately just tell you what I found and what I think.  Our immune cells are built nearly everyday. Because chemotherapy does cause suppression even during the circles your cells are lower than usual. After a chemo the body needs some time to come back to normal. I read that after a months your numbers should be back to normal. 

    In my opinion they should be back to normal, the sources I found also said so, but please ask the person who took the last time blood from you and check it this way. 

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    A low white blood count constitutes a weakened immune system.  Mine has never gone back to normal since treatment so I've got a comprised immune system, however I'm rarely sick.