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Progress Report Just After Prostatectomy

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I'm 59 and after receiving elevated PSA tests had a biopsy done which found Gleason 6 (3+3) cancer. This was around April of last year. After spending a lot of time reading up on prostate cancer and weighing the various options (RP, RT, and AS), I finally decided on radical prostatectomy. Operation was about 2 weeks ago, and finally had the urinary catheter removed this week. Post-surgery pathology on the prostate determined that there was a small amount of Gleason pattern 4 in it, so my condition was actually Gleason 7 (3+4) when the prostate was removed. Now starting to try to get back to normal. Have partial continence, but will need to work on my Kegel exercises to get to full control. Also, have a little bit of a feeling of "numbness" around the genital region, maybe because the nerves in that region are still recovering? Hoping that things will continue to improve and that my first post-operation PSA blood test scheduled for late May/early June comes back with good results.


BTW, I repeatedly tried to cut-and-paste my post-surgery pathology report but I keep getting a "Request is Blocked" message from the forum system here. Had the same problem with cutting-and-pasting portions of my text in my message above. Don't know what the problem with the system is.



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Why r they waiting so long for a PSA test ...usually 5-6 weeks after surgery ...your talking 3 months 

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Many urologists wait three months for the initial test.


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I hope you're recovery is swift.  To address the numbness, I had numbness for seemed like a few months.  I remember asking about it and being told it would eventually go away.  Everything feels fairly back to normal now.  I hope that helps.

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Thanks for the reply. Good to know that the numbness can be expected to fade away with time. That's encouraging news. Thanks again.

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Sounds like smooth sailing ahead!

BTW I've also been trying to post lab results like you did and get the same message. Anyone know of a solution?

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I contacted CSN website support at the button at the top right of the web page, and described the error that I encountered and they were very quick in getting back to me asking for more info. Don't think that they've solved the problem yet, though.

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