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Tumor marker CA 19-9

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Hey guys,

I have a question to the tumor marker CA 19-9. Yes during colon cancer they use CEA a lot. But in the case of my dad they use both CEA and CA 19-9. Apparently, they like to test it when mets are present...

Does anybody got tested in this one as well? What are your experiences in treatment with it? Does it rise faster than CEA? Is generally higher?

My dad CEA is now around 61 while CA 19-9 was around 400. So I am really surprised by that difference... And I am worried whst that could mean.


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Dx in 12/2016.  CEA was elevated at start.  Came down to normal after 3 rounds of chemo.  Has been normal ever since, despite reoccurence in my lungs.  Ca19-9 wasnt drawn till after all my inital chemo tx and surgery.  It was normal then and has remained normal since.

i huess thats really not much help to you, but that is my experience. 
wishing your dad a return to good healh.


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Posts: 310
Joined: Feb 2020

Thank you anyways!

I was trying to find information about it. Most of the time this marker is used in pancreatic cancer but my dad does not have it (for proper diagnosis they did a CT and I read the doctors letter to our GP). Unfortunately I could not find more about it. 

I assume after surgery and chemo CA 19-9 will also be normal again like in your case. 

Thank you! My wish is also that he will be cured. 

I hope the best for you too 

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