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Stage 4 colorectal I need some positive survivor stories right now

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So I went to MSK for a second opinion today. The dr told me she would recommend the same treatment my dr recommended. she told me that after liver biopsy that it's in my liver and my rectum and lymph nodes. And there are nodules in my lungs. Also I have ascites in my abdomen and she said it was there too. she didn't seem very positive at all, needless to say I'm scared to death I'm ready for battle has anyone else had it in this many spots and how long have you survived. I need some good news to push me thru this, please respond survivor.

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I've heard the ascites is a real pain. 

It sounds like you have allot going on; but yes, there are others who have had their Cancer in several places, and have or are fighting the fight.  You are not alone, and have as good a chance as the rest of us.  

You said you are ready for the battle, and having that kind of positive attitude will take you a long way. 

While I have not had the spread that you have, I just wanted to give you a boost. 


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I went there in September. A total waste of time. Right away couldn t offer anything extra to things that a small cancer center was doing locally. No clinical trails. Send me to MD Anderson. I already was visiting them every 3 months. The MD Anderson put me finally on immunotherapy trail that profoundly failed. 

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My onc is Dr. Reidy, and she's very straight with us.  Unfortunately, sometimes there are no better options available.  I saw one idiot at MSK who told me I had a maximum of 5 years to live.  That was in 2007.  However, I ended up working with different drs, and so far, all is going well (tho my recurrence was sooner than expected.)


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I was hoping for some positive input and survivors stories but there is none now I'm getting more nervous come on everyone I need this really bad right now

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The forum is experiencing problems right now, and I know of at least two members who are not able to get there posts through; one of which has expressed his desire to respond to your thread. 

The other problem here is that many of our Stage IV & Stage III members take a leave of absense - if not a complete leave - from the forum, when they are doing well. While this is no help to those of you who are struggling and scared, they are trying to put it all behind them. 

While I am not saying that all is well with you, I am saying that there IS always hope. Despair will only take you down one path, and it will make for a harder ride. 

While my situation is not the same as yours, probably by a long way, I am still a six year Stage IV and doing well.   


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My stage 4 was not as extensive. Originally stage 3. Had radiation / chemo, then surgery, then 6 months chemo. I was NED for a year and it came back in my lung... stage 4. No lymph involvement. Lung surgery then 6 months chemo. NED now. Been fighting this since February 2016. I’m still here.

The cancer is different for everyone. There’s lots of effective chemo. I know this is the scariest thing you have ever faceD, but you can do it. What choice do you have? Take it one day at a time. Sending you love and strength to fight the fight.


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From the get go.   Diagnosis in late Dec 2016.    Had a colo/rectal tumor , three mets to my liver and suspicious nodules in my lung to start.  
you can click on my name for my bio and all the details.  As people say this isn a sprint but rather a marathon.    I started out with chemo then surgery, a little more chemo, a little more surgery.   ive had a couple reoccurences to my lung, treated with chemo one year and radiation this year   
and Im still here and kicking.   
Try to stay on the positive side as much as you can.  Go have that chemo you may be surprised how much it will help, despite the fact that chemo sometimes present its own issues.  Take as good as of yourself as possible.  Exercise if you are able. Even lightly.   Eat well.  Enjoy the world around you.  Learn about your disease and dont be afraid to ask questions, push, prod to receive the treatments you deserve. 
all in all I still feel healthy and if you saw me on the street you'd never guess all Ive been through 

best of luck


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I appreciate the responses it's tough being only 44 and not knowing anyone who has been thru this. let me reiterate the fact that I'm scared, but in no way shape or form am I down or negative and thinking the worst. I'm going to beat this I have no choice for my 4 year old son and wonderful wife. I just like to see survival stories to motivate my "eye of the tiger"

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Hi Woody,

I know how overwhelmed you are feeling right now.  I am a stage 4 colon cancer survivor, and I have been NED for three years and two months.  When I was first diagnosed it had spread from my colon to two lymph nodes and my liver.  I had surgery and six months of chemo.  Three months after ending chemo three nodules in my lungs began to grow and tested positive for cancer.  I had two more surgeries on my lungs and six more months of chemo. That was over three years ago and so far I am still cancer free.  During my treatments I began to exercise daily, changed my diet and meditate regularly.  I believe these lifestyle changes helped me fight the cancer and also lifted my spirit during my treatment, and after during my recovery.  Your treatments and surgeries will not be easy but we are stronger than we realize.  My Oncologist told me my prognosis is good during my last appointment. This was the first time I heard these words from him.  Stage 4 cancer can be cured although I don't think many of us ever feel completely cured even after many years of NED.  Best wishes.

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One of my best friends ex brother in law was dx with rectal cancer a few months after I was.  His had perforated the colon, 11 para aortic lymph nodes counted, many many liver mets and 4 possible lung things.  I don't know what his CEA was just that it was the highest his oncologist has seen to date.  They have been throwing the kitchen sink at him to see if if he could get to a surgery point.  AND YES HE IS ALMOST THERE.  At the beginning of chemo it knocked him down so bad he felt like giving up but just for a moment.  The drs think he will be ready for his first surgery very soon.  I hope this story helps.

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I have been there.  Diagnosed in Oct 2016 with Stage 4 colon cancer with mets to liver, lymph, and abdominal wall at the time.  Been 3.5 years now...tons of chemo, jsut started Longsurf this morning (which is why I am back on here looking for others).  It's been kinda tough, but not too bad.  I am grateful for everyday I have now.  They took the rest of my colon last July, and now I have a bag.  Oh well, better then being 6 feet under.  Your mental state and the way you go about fighting everyday will make all the difference.  I feel if I wasn't as positive as I am, I would be dead by now.  Hang in there, listen to your Onc, and go through the treatments.  We have an 11% chance of living 5 years, lets make that stat higher bud!!!

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new to this site, l had a stage 1 tumor removed 1 year ago in my colon.  they took my ascending colon out and 22 lymph nodes......they were all clear.  l just had my 1 yr follow up colonoscopy and it was all clear......dr said i'll see you in 3 yrs.  in 3 wks, i'll have my 1st CT scan.......i guess i have some anxiety as that approaches.  my blood work has been good too.  i do deal with fatique since my surgery.......can't figure out the cause ?  any thoughts ?  nice website !!


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I was 77 when diagnosed  stage 2 bordering on 3.  Next 7 months a rather bumppy ride. But became  NED (no evedence of disease).

Currently 88 and still NED,  So I am living proof that it can be beat!!

Best of luck to you!!!


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