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Returning to work full time

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Joined: Feb 2020

I recently (two weeks ago) finished my chemo treatments which included 4 rounds of AC every two weeks and 12 weeks of paclataxol. I am wondering how long it takes to feel up to returning to work? I am a high school science teacher and the thought of keeping pace with the students feels daunting. 

I have significant 'chemo brain' and feel generally weak and jittery. 

The other side effects of neuropathy, nail loss, and rash I can deal with, but this general weak feeling has got me anxious. 

Any thoughts?

Penny for your thoughts!

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Hi sorry you are going through so much.  i have not gone through any of that, but i am thinking of you and wishing you better days ahead.

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I know for me after chemo I had surgery then radiation it is now seven months after my treatment plan I am barely able to stay up a full day. Give yourself time to heal drink alot of water and eat healthy any carb loaded food will leaving you feeling lathargic. It will get better OK hope this helps and I still have chemo brain but I am alive so praise the Lord for that. 

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Amen! I wish you steady improvement. 

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