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Keytruda/Lenvima ---- DAY 2

Little Annie
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Joined: Jul 2018

I want to step back to day one when we met with the pharmacist to review both Keytruda and Lenvima.

He said that Lenvima was a “super-charged Avastin” or “Avastin on steroids”. Now Little Annie had been

on Avastin for six months and we think that is a “miracle” drug for what it has done. Last summer, Little

Annie had five parenthesis, one thoracentesis, and swollen thigh, calf, and foot. A few days after starting

Avastin, all excess fluids were peed out and did not return while on Avastin.


OK, last night nausea was worse and vomited once. Zofran was taken at 8pm and then after the vomit

and had to sit up to keep it down. Gerd was bad last night also. So, of course, diarrhea was this

morning’s surprise so Imodium was taken and things OK on that front. Stomach upset and a little achy

but all in all….this is better than what I was expecting.



Full disclosure: Little Annie is my beautiful, wonderful wife of 47 years and has many wonderful qualities

but working with the computer is not one of them. We thoroughly enjoy this website and appreciate all

the ladies who participate. We have learned so much.

Fridays Child
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And best wishes for a better day tomorrow.  We're all pulling for you!

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Donna Faye
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I am due to start this treatment soon so am most interested in how things go. It is wonderful that she has you to keep us updated on her progress. Hope things get easier every day. Thinking of her and you. xoxo df

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Mr. Little Annie, thank you for sharing your story.  None of us fight alone.  We need the love and support of family and friends and we welcome them to the board as much as the patient themselves.  I am sure your information will help others in this journey.

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