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Ct scan showed mass in liver

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So I'm really scared about the fact that my rectal cancer has spread to my liver can I get some stories from long time survivors with the same thing it would really help

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As of today, I am a Stage IV patient exactly five years 10 months with No Evidence of Disease. 

I just had my scans and blood work this week, and will see my Onc's on the 3rd.  I do have the CT Scan results sealed up in an envelope, and confess, I do not wish to read them.  The fear of it rearing its ugly head, is never far from your mind, and even more so at scan time. 

I had one liver mass, which was ablated in April of 2014.  

I am here to tell you that you too can be a survivor, but please don't ask me what I 'do' to be at this point, as I think it is a comnination of many things and probably a good measure of dumb luck.

Go forward with your treatments, surgery, whatever they have in store for you; with a positive mindset.  Will that alone cure you? Heck no, but it sure makes you enjoy life allot more. 

You may very well have a bumpy ride ahead. Know that we are here to help you along the way. 


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I'm sorry for your recent diagnosis. How big is it?

My initial diagnosis was rectal cancer in 2006 and then I had a liver met in 2013. I saw Dr. Barth at Dartmouth Hitchcock and he was great. Did a wedge resection.

Then in 2016 I had a lung met in the upper left lobe. That was resected as well. I am now in SBRT for a lung met along the scar line of the first resection. So far so good.

Most of the time I feel fine and this past summer I hiked 50 mountains for a book I edited, so you can get through it and do well.



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They said the mass was about 7 cm which I assume is pretty large but ya I have no choice but to survive for my 4 yr old son and wife did you have it in your liver

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I am not NED, so not sure how much help I can be. But, when I was first diganosed, I believe one of the 3 large tumors in my right lobe was 7 cm. I had my liver resected. I did have a recurrence of 2 small tumors in my liver, and a mass that had always been in my lung started to grow, so again, I can't help with NED, although I do plan to get to that point. Hopefuly I can give you hope that even if you have large tumors, you can get treatment and continue on. 

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Different than yours, but hoping my story helps a bit

Mine was colon cancer and by the time it was found it had already spread (spot in lung, was a bit too small to tell) and in lymph nodes.  (No liver)

I had surgery, then chemo, then surgery to remove part of my lung, then semi-Neddish for about a year (not really NED, longer story).  In lymph nodes, muscles, lungs (over 70 of them easily) and spine as of two years ago and inoperable.  Back on chemo Fall 2018, chemo stopped working two months ago.  Did a 7 mile run a few days ago, almost 2 miles in the pool the other day and exercise a lot.  (This month biked 72 miles, ran 25 miles and 6.5 miles of swimming.  And this is with one "easy" week scheudled for recovery and also being a bit of a slacker a couple of days Laughing)  The doctor's are not sure how I keep on doing this, but do feel that developing my cardio has helped compensate for the cancer and it has kept me off the couch on oxygen.

As Tru said, it helps to keep a positive attitude.  It may not cure cancer, but less stress is better for people in general.  Meaning I have tried to remain positive through all this.  Sometimes, of course, there are down moments.  But I try to shake them off quickly.  




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I like that, New.  

If we can't be NED may we be Neddish. 


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Capox Dude
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"I am Neddish!!!!"

Real Tar Heel
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I'm one of the newer friends of the board but I had a liver met that was removed by RFA last summer. It appeared after the colon tumor was removed via resection. I've been on chemo since but no spread to this point. My liver met was about a CM, colon tumor was about 5-6 cm.

I presume your docs will have you on chemo soon, the hot topic here.

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I'm 12 and a half years from diagnosis, of a 5cm mass in the sigmoid section, did folfox after the colectomy, got through okay, two recurrances in my liver averaging 2 1/2-3 years apart. 3mets then one last met removed consecutively, 5 1/2 years ago. NED since............................................Dave

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