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New use for the box from the dilator

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Okay, ladies, get ready for an off-color laugh.

My husband was intrigued by the instructions written on the box for the dilator, "Use ten minutes daily".  So he posed with the empty box - bet you can all guess where he put it!

Incredible, how he can laugh in the face of this, and make me laugh too!  I definitely married the right guy.

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Do you think I could freecycle mine since they're getting no use. Haha!

Posts: 553
Joined: Oct 2018

The boxes, the dilators, or the husbands?

But really, it's a beautiful thing to be able to laugh in the face of this terrible disease.  At least it hasn't taken that away!

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What a jewel you have in him.  Thanks for sharing too!

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Donna Faye
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I love it! You are a lucky woman to have him at your side!!!!

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Sounds like something my husband would do.  Thanks for sharing.

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