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Colon cancer recurrence into spleen

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Has anyone had experience with colon cancer recurring into the spleen? 6 months ago my scans and blood work were fine. In January my CEA was elevated snd the found 2 tumors on my spleen. My liver is okay as of now, thank goodness. I just had a splenectomy and am waiting on the pathology report. Everyone so far keeps saying how unisual and rare this is. I will seek second opinions from Penn & Jefferson in Philadelphia and MD Anderson. I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and what they did for treatment afterward. Thanks

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I do not recall hearing about spread to the spleen; though we did have a member last year (or was it the year before?) who reportedly had spread to some very odd places.  

I do know that the spleen can be removed, so that could be an option. 

Let us know how things go. 


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I had a false alarm on the spleen. The doctor's reaction was how rare it is to have cancer spread there. Of course I did some snooping and could only find a case study from a man in Mainland China from several years ago, so yes it's pretty rare. Good luck.

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As a med student I find the place of mets really interesting. We learn for different cancers the most common place for mets. Spleen is really unusual. 

General the spleen is a filtering organ for red and white blood cells. It does have a bigger role before we are born. If a surgeon removes the spleen, I think the liver will partially takes it place. I saw in the ICU a 16 year old girl who got her spleen removed after a crash. She was tired but fine.

 I of course hope for you that everything will turn out fine. Cancer/metastatic wise it is probably one of the "better" places (ofc there are no good places for tumor or mets) because you can remove it. 

I will cross my fingers for you! Good luck!

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I did have my spleen removed last week. Pathology showed it was colon cancer recurrence. My oncologist has asked for further pathology for the possibility of immunotherapy. She has asked several colleagues and none of them have agreed on what they might do next. My liver suffered from the original Folfox chemo 4 years ago, so I'm not sure how it would do again. And she's concerned about my neropathy getting worse. So, I'm still in a holding pattern until all the 2nd opinions come back. Thanks for your responses.

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Capox Dude
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Your team will come up with something helpful.   How did they find the tumors - MRI or CT or PET or US?

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CEA and liver enzymes were up. Then a CT, MRI & PET. 

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Dear Medical Student, I already love you. Please keep posting. I love smart folks. The young woman with removed spleen won t make it in a long-term run. Her immune system will be too compromised with a limited production of dear "P". Butt. 

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You got a message

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Hi Butt, you can have a long healthy live without a spleen. My sister in law had hers removed over 35 years ago and is still going strong. She just has a double knee replacement and can now kick her own butt, literally. Stay well. Mary

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My brother had his spleen removed because of hogkins diese when he was 27. lived to be 54 . died from stomach cancer.  But the spleen being removed didn't cause any problems. Hope this info helps you going forward.

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