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IMPORTANT for potential Lenvima/Keytruda users

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Donna Faye
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This is very important information if you are thinking of going on this drug. I feel so fortunate to have an oncologist who will call a halt when she thinks it is needed. I thought I was to begin treatment today. HOWEVER, the pharmacologist came in and went through all the possible side effects and how I was not to wait if I had any reaction or side effect but to call ASAP. Then the oncologist said my labs had shown some protein in my urine and lenvima could elevate that. She also felt she should work with my primary doctor and get my blood pressure down BEFORE we started the treatment as it could elevate my BP and possibly cause a stroke. (normal bp for me is 144/67+). So, treatment was not started. I was given a urine hat to do a 24 hour urine save for testing; my primary doc was called and a new bp med was prescribed. I will have a port put in this Thursday and if my bp is down, my urine clear, we will meet on March 3 to see if OK to begin treatment.  My daughter was with me and we both felt so good that all precautions are being taken. My oncologist was involved in the clinical trial and she is well versed in the side effects and did not want to take any chances with me. I felt this was so important to share so I started a new thread. df



Fridays Child
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So glad to hear they are taking everything into consideration and optimizing your chances for successful treatment.  Thanks for keeping us updated.


I was evaluated for the clinical trial of this last summer, but my lung met shrank so I wasn't eligible, but they approved the treatment right after that anyway, so if my oncologist decides I need it I can do it without going out of town for a trial.

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Wow, Donna, good thing you had someone looking out for you! Doctors can't know everything and it's good when THEY realize that. Unfortunately, some doctors don't - I've been dealing with that the past year. I hope your BP drops and your urine is clear so you can start your Keytruda but, if it doesn't, at least you know to try something else. I had chemo when my BP was 220/140 and not long after, had a stroke. My GP said I should never have been given chemo with a BP that high. I wish I would have had a doctor like yours watching out for me!!!



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Thanks for posting a new thread for this, Donna.

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You are in the best hands, and have the best family that not only supports you, but has medical experience and knowledge. For all of us it is one day at a time, one decision at a time. We are thinking of you. 



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