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There's always something new around the corner

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There's always something new around the corner.  I post this not as a current, valid alternative to chemo, but to give us all hope that there is something new around the corner:

Electrochemotherapy is a promising anti-cancer approach that potentiates the cytotoxic effect of drugs by application of external electric field pulses. Clinicians proposed to associate electroporation and calcium. The current study aims to unravel the toxic mechanisms of calcium electroporation, in particular if calcium presents a genotoxic profile and if its cytotoxicity comes from the ion itself or from osmotic stress. Human dermal fibroblasts and colorectal HCT-116 cell line were treated by electrochemotherapy using bleomycin, cisplatin, calcium, or magnesium. Genotoxicity, cytotoxicity, mitochondrial membrane potential, ATP content, and caspases activities were assessed in cells grown on monolayers and tumor growth was assayed in tumor spheroids. Results in monolayers show that unlike cisplatin and bleomycin, calcium electroporation induces cell death without genotoxicity induction. Its cytotoxicity correlates with a dramatic fall in mitochondrial membrane potential and ATP depletion. Opposite of magnesium, over seven days of calcium electroporation led to spheroid tumor growth regression. As non-genotoxic, calcium has a better safety profile than conventional anticancer drugs. Calcium is already authorized by different health authorities worldwide. Therefore, calcium electroporation should be a cancer treatment of choice due to the reduced potential of secondary malignancies.


Sorry, I cannot create a working link.  Search "Calcium Delivery by Electroporation Induces In Vitro Cell Death through Mitochondrial Dysfunction without DNA Damages" on google and you can then access the article if you want to read it, or, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/32059457 then click on full-text, then click on download PDF.

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It is just a matter of time it seems before things fall into place.  There are reports about advances in CART where the side effects are minimized.  Vaccines which trigger a response.  Break throughs in sequencing.  As I tell my oncologist, I am doing my best, but please hurry up the science a bit ;)  

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kicking that can down the road...

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