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Taxotere and wanting to stop chemo

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Hi, I have had 1 of 4 cycles of chemo with Taxotere folllowed by Cytoxan.     Since I have done the treatment I have read several studies on various cancer websites about Taxotere and that it can give a person permanent hair loss (there is a current lawsuit against the manufacturer of this drug by approximately 2,000 people whose hair has not grown back in 5-10 years since they stopped treatment).     I have also read in other studies about a high number of people (40%) who have permanent neuropathy.    I have pre-existing neuropathy in one of my hands and my oncologist did tell me in my consult visit about this side effect.   She did not tell me about the posibility of permanent hair loss.


I had Stage 1A lobular cancer which spread into both sentinel nodes, estrogen postive HR-.   Cancer was 6 cm.     My surgeon removed an additonal 20 lymph nodes and none of those had cancer in them.   The score on my genomic test was 18 which put me in the intermediate range as far as chemo goes.   I had a double mastecomy and my oncologyst stated because I had lobular cancer it would be a good idea to do the chemo.   At this point I am of the mindset of stopping with the chemo and getting on the hormone blocking pills.    I really don't want to risk getting permanent neuropathy and risking having a good quality of life, and with me already have pre-existing neuropathy in one of my hands, the risk is very high that it will get worse and that would cost me my career (I would not be able to do my job).


Has anyone taken Taxotere and also has anyone had these same fears?    I think I am ok with only the one chemo treatment (I had 139 mg of Taxotere). but I feel if I continue I am really risking getting this conditon (Neuropathy).

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