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Ladies, please forgive me.   I've been unable to keep up with the joys and trials here lately.  My husband is retiring from the military in a couple weeks and we are packing up our quarters here in Texas and preparing to move across the country.  I know I've missed welcoming new members and cheering others on, and I'm sorry.  You are really important to me!  I'm just swamped!  I hope to check in and catch up in a month or so.  Meanwhile, I'm thankful to report I had a physical exam yesterday and the gyn/onc said everything looks good. As long is there isn't distant recurrence smoldering in there somewhere, I am 28 months and 11 days NED.  Unbelievable. Had my PET at the end of October and will request another this coming October at the three-year mark.  Hoping to find a good care team in SC, and that my retiree insurance will be half as good as the current insurance was.  

Much love to all of you.  


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    We understand

    We know you are thinking of us! And, we are so happy you are NED as that cheers us all, and we also know how ending one life and beginning another can keep one very busy. So, enjoy the moments and let us know when you get all settled in SC.  df

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    That's wonderful!!!! Hope the

    That's wonderful!!!! Hope the move is not too stressful.  Live.  Don't let thoughts of illness consume living time.

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    Have you forgotten?

    This is a no apology zone! No need to say "sorry", especially for living your life!! That's the prize we all strive for, so it's good to hear you are doing that. Congrats on the good report, too. :-)  Good luck with the move, there's always so many details to contend with!

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    Great news on your checkup! I

    Great news on your checkup! I hope your move goes smoothly!

    Thanks for checking in with us during this busy time.

    Love and Hugs,


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    Not sure what part of SC you are from but in Greenville ,there is an Oncologist (should you need one in the future) who is so wonderful, funny and has great doctor demeanor! His name is Dr. Gococo. He  looks of Asian decent. Great doctor if you are looking for someone that listens and is very low key and pleasant. 

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    So happy to hear about your

    So happy to hear about your excellent checkup. Best wishes as you and your husband enter a new phase in your lives: retirement. I look forward to your next post when you are settled in your new home.