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Mom may have breast cancer

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My Mom is 67 years old and not online.  I am trying to get informed on her behalf.  Mom had her routine mammogram on 2/4.  The next morning they called her and said that her left breast showed significant changes since her last Mammogram (which was 2 1/2 years prior!) so they scheduled her for an ultrasound of her breast this past Monday 2/10.  While she was in the u/s the technician ended up going and getting a guy who my Mom thought was the Radiologist(?).  They did a lot of measuring and seemed very concerned about 2 spots that Mom said looked like dark spots on the u/s screen.  One was under her nipple area... the other was way up under her armpit she said.  The Radiologist guys said that Mom would require a biopsy of these 2 spots and said someone whould call her to schedule that.  Well, she was called yesterday afternoon and her biopsy is scheduled for a week from today on 2/20.  They called her today to pre-register her and asked her a bunch of medical questions she said.  They told her that the procedure would leave 2 small incisions (1 for each spot) and the nurse said "the one in your breast and the one in your lymph gland".  She also said they would leave "markers" inside when they did the biopsy to mark the positions of the tumors(?)  She said they'd then do another mammogram right away after the biopsy and once those markers were in place.  Does all of this sound familiar to any of you?  My Mom and I are both VERY CONCERNED this is breast cancer.  It sounds like possibly there's something already in her lymph node too.  I know we won't know anything for sure until the pathology report comes back from the biopsies, but I'd like to be ready with as much info as possible on Mom's behalf.  I know surgery and treatment options vary greatly depending on the type, stage and whether it's invasive or noninvasive.  I just would like to hear from others deiagnosis experiences.  Does this all sound worrisome to you?

I've just went thru 2019 of dealing with my husband's cancer diagnosis of Leiomyosarcoma.  Thankfully he is currently NED (no evidence of disease) but he has to get routine scans and checkups for years to come.  So even though he's doing great now, it's a worry in the back of my mind always.  Now I'm praying my Mom doesn't have breast cancer! Frown

Thanks in advance for any insight or advice.


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I had this done. There was a suspicious mass that needed to be biopsied and removed. They placed markers in the breast and I then had to have breast surgery to go further in the breast to remove atypcial cells. He said my risk is 25% future breast cancer and wanted to put me on tomoxifen but I can't have that particular one because of dialysis and my blood clots in my access. My mother aunt and grandmother all had breast cancer. For the rest of my life, I had to have frequent mammograms  and just hope for the best. :)

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