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Hair growing while on active treatment

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I'm on carbo and Abraxane every other week since Nov of last year with no breaks in between treatments. All my hair fell out during about 2 weeks after my second treatment last July with just Abraxane (carbo was added in November). Over the last few weeks it really seems like my hair is growing like crazy on my head only. It's basically white and fuzzy but growing!! Stupid question but do you think the chemo is still working? I'm NED since December and my next scan is Thursday. I have triple negative bc with no gene mutation. Has this ever happened to you? Hair growing back while on treatment?

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Yes! Mine started growing 3 weeks before the end of treatment. I was on Abraxane, once a week for 12 weeks. I was also Triple Negative and after surgery had a complete response. My hair came in white and fuzzy to start.

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