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Squamous Cell tumor Cavernous sinus

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Brain Cancer Cavernous Sinus Squamous Cell

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Sat, 02/08/2020 - 2:52pm — Ingleside

I recently got good news.  On July 3, 2019 I had a crainiatomy at Baylor in Huston Texas.  On December 14. 2019 i finished my 9th Chemo Treatment and 33rd Radiation treatment.  On Jan 24, 2020 I had an MRI that showed the tumor substantially, if not completely gone.  In February 2020 I will be going for a pet scan to see if any cancer remains anywhere in my body.   I am 72 and have weathered the treatment well.  I didn't loose weight nor have significant pain, except one trip to the emergency room with excruciating head pains.  I have been taking, for a long time, and still take 3600 mg of gabapentin a day and have Ketamine nasal spray and tablets to knock down episodes of head pain.  My right eye has shut and I probably will never see from it although there is a chance because the optic nerve still has some function.  The right side of my face is numb / painfull as well as my teeth and gums.  The worse pain is around my eye socket and eyebrow area. Some days the side effects of chemo of numbness in the feet and hands is more than annoying and occaisional shooting pains along my thigh from my hip to knees is also a problem.  I am interested if others with this type of problem have found anything helpful.  Perhaps diet, exercise or some other medications.  I also tire very easily and don't know weather i should push myself or let my body rest and recover from all i have been through.  I will be glad to share any information that may be helpful and as a newcomer continue to search to get insight into my problems. 


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