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PSA Result 2/6/2020

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Well, went for my PSA test the other day and got the results back.  Less than <0.1, undetectable.  My appointment at Levine Cancer Institute is 03/02/2020.  I should only have to have this test annually now.  My status is fully continent; I am intimate with my wife.  I have recovered from the inguinal hernia surgery that was probably caused by the prostate surgery.  More importantly, the bandit appears to be gone for now (No Evidence of Disease).  So for me, for now, I am OK.  Smile, I am.

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Next stop Vegas!

Well done!!!

Georges Calvez
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Hi there,

Nice to see someone escaping out of the woods!

Best wishes,


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GREAT news!!  Tonight, I'll raise a glass of red wine to toast your success.

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I like this. I also join the party. Let's drink and celebrate Smile


Georges Calvez
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Hi there,

I have been up to SuperU, they do a litre of Bio Merlot from the tap, bring your refillable bottle, for 5 Euros, can't be bad!



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Glad to hear you have another undetectable!!!!!!! Hopefully many more to come.

Dave 3+4

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