3cm Tumor right kidney Cryoablation

Hello all,  I just had a cryoablation for my 3cm size of kidney tumor in the right. The procedure took 2 hours and then after, Doctor told me that they did snoball (i dont know if this the right word) and they were able to insert 3 needles.   Did anyone had this procedure and whats the chances of having cancer cells be killed and shrink?   I have been researching and says that there's good chances of being shrunk or cancer cells die.   Any thoughts?  Any comments will be appreciated.   Thank you much 


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    Hi Butch.  I just noticed

    Hi Butch.  I just noticed your post.

    I had a lesion about half your size removed surgically in 2016.  Ablation was offered, but surgery was recommended, so I chose the surgery.

    At that time, the doctor said that ablation had a 90% to 95% success rate in terms of getting everything and having no recurrence.  The surgery had a 99%+ rate of success.  i'm guessing the ablation percentages are a little higher three plus years later given improvements in technology.

    Hope that helps.