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Decision Made

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Donna Faye
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I am one fortunate woman. Today my RN son called at 3 and we went over the latest notes on my treatment choices. Then my oncologist called at 6 pm after a long day in clinic and answered all my concerns. At 7p my daughter came and shared what her gyn friend had said. I have decided to go on the pembro/lenvatin regimen. I go next Tuesday to begin. I am at peace with the decision. The main reason we decided against the surgery is this: " the answer depends on what we find during surgery - it may result in a pelvic exenteration." We all had decided we did not want to risk that.  I wish for everyone a support group - be it family, friends or medical team! This was a difficult decision but now that it is made, I feel like the weight is off my shoulders and I will strive for the best outcome. Thank you, Ladies, for being a part of my team and for reading my thoughts and answering from your hearts. df

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Sometimes the "cure" is worse than the ailment. I can't imagine what it would feel like going into a surgery like that when there's another viable option. Sleep good tonight, Donna Faye!

Little Annie
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Donna Faye,      I met with my oncology yesterday.   We also decided to go with Keytruda plus Lenvima after discussing many different options and trials.  I am worried about side effects, but believe this is the best option.  I will start after the paperwork is approved and echo for heart test.   Please keep us informed on any side effects and efforts to treat them.   Good luck on your treatment.

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Donna Faye
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She is going to start me off at 10mg rather than 20 to prevent toxicity. I will say she has always been proactive about this.

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(I would have said bravo regardless of what you chose - "decision made" is the best news!)  Rest well, sweet friend.  You and your loved ones have done your homework and made a wonderfully informed choice.  Onward!!

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df, I "hear" the peace in your decision.  Please educate us all as you walk through this next part of the journey by letting us know how you are doing. 


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I didn't want to even mention pelvic exenteration when you were diagnosed with the vaginal recurrence, and when you had been faced with the surgery vs further chemo option.  It sounds so horrible.  And I don't know how the recovery could be, at 80.  But when I was researching last year, I found a study that showed that patients who had undergone pelvic exenteration reported that they had a pretty good quality of life, that they were satisfied with their quality of life.  The researchers seemed surprised at that.  I wasn't.  Looking at it from the patients' viewpoint, they had been given a chance at life.

Meanwhile, I think that your choice to go ahead with the chemo regimen is a wise one.  Hopefully, you won't have much in the way of side effects, and you will be able to continue to enjoy being with your "army".

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Now go on with your life hopefully with minimal side effects. 

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Donna Faye
Posts: 430
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I am awestruck at the strength and wisdom you all share. We are a unique band of sisters and we have been as beaten down as any band in a war, but somehow we continue to hold the line. I cannot thank you enough for the support. I will enjoy the spring as never before and the plans are now on for my 80th, April 8!

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I'm so happy you had so much support in making your decision. Hope you have very little or no side effects and enjoy your life. You have many blessings!

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Best of luck to you, Donna.  I am thankful for your help and friendship and hope you have much more with your family.

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You sound at peace and comfortable with your decision. I'm glad for you -- this sounded like one of those almost impossible choices we're faced with sooner or later with this disease. I will be sending good thoughts your way as you start down this new path. Big hug!

Fridays Child
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It's so good to hear that you have made a decision with which you can be at peace.  I'm glad you have such a supportive family!

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Here's to looking forward to a wonderful birthday celebration in April! So glad you are at peace with your decision. 

I hope you have a smooth closing on your home and move into your Son's home.

Love and Hugs,


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Sometimes once the hardest decisions are made we find the most peace and can then use that energy to live instead of worrying. We are rooting for you! 



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Sounds like you had a very good process and can be confident in your decision.  Good for you and your family.  

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Donna Faye
Posts: 430
Joined: Jan 2017

Once I told the doctor my choice, she started things moving. My treatment will start Feb.18. The pharmcologist contacted me yesterday and told me my copay for lenvima would be $85/month. I do not know if there is any copay on the keytruda as yet. I will start on a 10mg dose of the L and get the first infusion of keytruda on the same day. I am going to also be introduced to the pallitive care team for any side effects. I have had an outpouring of support. I have always tolerated chemo well,and am trying to do more exercise and get this old body as well prepared for the drugs as I can. The keytruda web site has lots of good patient support, even a daily log form to keep account of how you are feeling each day. I have printed out 4 weeks worth as I find logs so helpful when the doc asks questions and my 80 year old chemo brain doesn't recall.Laughing

Little Annie is starting this journey soon as well, and it will be instructional to see how our journey is the same or different.  df

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Wishing you the best on this new journey. Praying it is very affective with few side effects. Please keep us updated with your progress. Will be praying for you!

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