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First sign of life

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Just want to report new development. Two days ago, Sunday morning, I experienced first sign of life from my penis.

Two twinges were felt , similar to those before RP, when penis opens arterial valves and starts engorgment. Engorgment did not happen but feeling reminded me of old days before RP when everything was functioning properly.

First sign of life after prostate removal, at 39 months post RP.

It is not that I care now about erections , I don't need them anymore. I am just wondering while experienced first sign of life at 39 months post surgery, how long I would wait to get usable erections with penetrating hardness? Most likely, at this speed of progress, I would probably wait 15 years (+- 1 year).

Better late then never.


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Congratulations. Keep at it with the rehab.

I neglected my rehad due to depression and whatnot and ended up struggling - as much in my mind as physically.

The only way to get over it is to keep at it.

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Hope you new found life keeps getting stronger each week.


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I take it you are still cancer free I hope your PSA level is NED ... no mention of that just about your erection .It just amazes me that some fellows on here talk more about the side effects and they do about being cancer free and take it for granted that they're going to stay cancer free which I hope

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It is more likely that these folks have accepted the fact that PCa has crossed their paths in the past/present, and that PCa may cross their paths again in the future.  In the meantime, they are focusing on the challenges and successes of today and tomorrow in their lives, rather than focusing continually on events from the past.

Successes in life should be celebrated and shared as appropriate, regardless of PCa status.

Personally, I don't see anything amazing about that.

Georges Calvez
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Hi there,

I am focusing on today, I am seeing a gradual fading of the effects of the Firmagon, etc, I am looking forward to a life that is closer to normality.
I will cross the bridge of a renascent and rising PSA if and when it arrives.

Best wishes,


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MK thanks for sharing.  And thanks for posting even when everything is not going great or at all with the ED issue.  As I have always said no 2 test tubes are alike.  Hopeful for continued improvement.  What a story you have told and continue to tell.

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