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cologuard test is positive

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So I am quite nervous, I had a cologuard test that was positive.  At my most recent check up for my 51st, my bloodwork was fine  all in normal range and ideal according to my Dr.  But this hits home, my father died at 60 of colon cancer 20 years ago. That being said he was a heavy smoker, ate horrible and showed syptoms for over 8 years before he pretty much fainted from low blood counts due to bleeding. I have no symptoms to my knowledge but I do have hemmorhoids on and off and have been diagnosed with anal fissures that do bleed occasionaly.  My DR referred for a colonoscopy end of Feb.  Dr. doing it after hearing my info seem ok and said that time frame is fine. HE was also not a big fan of cologuard and said the hemorrhoids and fissure, I should have just doen colonoscoy .   Just had to get that off my chest   as it hits home with my dad.

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Welcome to the board, and I'm sorry to hear of your father losing his battle to CRC. 

First off, don't put a lot of worry in to the Cologuard test as it can produce negative and positive results, but it is a good thing that you had that done.  It really is for people that have no family history of colorectal cancer (so the ad proclaims).  It's a good thing that you are going in for a colonoscopy though, especially with your father passing at such an early age and you are at the age where it is recommended.

It's good to be proactive on your treatment, especially when you have had other colorectal issues for some time.  It's better to rule out things right away.

We are a great group that can answer any, or most questions that you might have.  There are a lot of knowledgeable people on this board, and we are here to help you get through all of your worries and concerns.

Wishing you well going forward.


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From my perspective, the best thing to do is take one step at a time and not to get ahead of yourself.  A colonoscopy is a great idea for anyone, but particularly for those with a family history of colon cancer.  Hopefully you can rest, exercise, sleep and worry as little as possible between now and then.  If you let the doctor's office know you can show up in case of a cancellation, you might be able to move up the appointment.  Best of luck.

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Hi Zoodude,  I can sympathize with your concern and sorry to hear about your Dad.  You can find my journey involving screening tests on this board and as Annabelle said, the participants on this board are very helpful.  Briefly, I had a negative FIT test and a positive Cologuard test back in April 2019.  I took both tests as I was having a major bloating issue.  Having conflicting test results is very stressful.  I have no family history of CRC.  I had a "virtual" colonoscopy done in July (CT scan) and everything was clear expect for a spot on the rectal wall that could not be identified.  It took me about 3 months to find a GI doctor who did colonoscopies without sedation (I cannot metabolize sedatives or aenesthia).  This doctor said that the majority of his patients did not use sedatives and he was great at answering all my questions.  I had the colonoscopy in late October and a flat polyp was found on the rectal wall so the "virtual" colonoscopy was accurate.  No other polyps or abnormalites were seen and it was fascinating watching the process on the computer monitor. :-)  The polyp was completely removed and the pathology classified it as benign.

My brother, who is 17 months younger than me, also had a positive Cologuard test in 2019.  He did a colonoscopy and had 9 polyps removed, all classified as benign.  According to the Cologuard website and other resources (US Preventive Services Task Force, JAMA, etc.), the screening test has a 13% false positive rate and a 7% false negative rate, which is really not acceptable.  I now have to agree with folks on this board that a colonoscopy is the best test.

Please keep us posted!

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Thank you all.  Yes I have it scheduled and will update. I actually talked to my Dr this morning. They have just started using cologuard and I am literally one of the first few. She said based on a family history and that I had active hemorrhoids she should have just sent directly for a colonoscopy and did apologize as they have just started doing this. She also said she went back read all of my full workups and felt good about things after that so it was reassuring.  I also have hyperthroidism with nodules on my thryoid. As we moved here recently going through the entire process, yes I know they are there, Yes I have had ultrasounds and nuclear uptake scan just a few years ago and my former endocrinologist want to just observe.  So gotta go through all that with a new Dr now but she is pretty understanding on things.

Thanks again

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Cancer is just a crazy thing! My father ate terrible! Rarely did a green vegetable pass his lips. He never wore sunscreen. He never exercised. He lived til 92.

His mother (my grandmother) smoked heavily until age 84. She quit then because my grandfather who smoked even heavier just passed from emphysema at age 84. She lived til 96.

I got cancer at 64 and again at 66.

Go figure.

I’m glad you scheduled your test and I’m sending love and strength for good results. Sounds like you have a great doctor.


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Sorry for the deIay in getting back to this but the worId has been a mess as we aII know.  So I had my coIonoscopy and got the aII cIear. Dr said zero Iesions or poIyps and good for 10 years.  I was one the whatever % gets the faIse .  Thank you for the supp and be safe aII

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So good to hear the "all clear."  Thank you for posting the update and wishing you continued good health.


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May you forever be free from such fear again. 

Thank you for the update. 


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