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Hubby update

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So, another 3 months has passed and last week Richard flew down to MD Anderson for his scans. Since the APR in March 2019 his scans were clean. However, not so lucky this round. The CT showed two spots on the liver. 1 spot is in the location where his liver ablation was completed in WV back in 2017 when first diagnosed. They have monitored that sport closely as MDA felt the place should have been resected in the first place. So, there has been some growth in that area and another area close by. We go back to MDA in about two weeks for another CT and PET scan to see if it glows. Also, we will meet with the liver surgeon, Dr. Vauthey. The plan is to resect both spots as they are small around 2cm and in a good location to resect. We have been up and down on this roller coaster that we feel this is a win since surgery is possible and soon- we pray! I don't know if the resection will be open or laparoscopic yet. Since we will be traveling out of state again can anyone offer any insight on the recovery process. Either open or laparoscopic? I am playing the million-question game as I try to plan in my mind how long we will be in Houston, who will keep the dogs, when will Richard be able to fly. I know we will get the answers when we have the consult, I am just wanting to ease my crazy mind a little one way or another! Also, does anyone have experience with this surgeon? How different is the resection from the ablation? Thank you!!

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But i did have a laparoscopic surgery to remove colon tumor and met to stomach lining--recovery was much easier and faster than an open procedure would have been (worked in surgical services as RN for 20 years). I feel that cutting out the cancer is always preferable and hope they can get those bad spots out of there ASAP! 

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Thank you! We agree cutting the cancer out is better! Thank you for caring for others for so many years. Ive learned nursing is not an easy caree! We 

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I had both right-hemicolectomy and liver resection done minimally invasively at UTSW in Dallas.  They included robotics in the surgery.  Pain was minimal.  I felt a little worse with liver than colon. Moving hurt a little more.  But I only used pain medication for 4-5 days with each.  3 nights in the hospital with each.  

As far as ablation pain as opposed to resection pain - I didn't have ablation but I did have SBRT on 2 spots.  It didn't really hurt, but I felt pretty lousy for a while after - no appetite, tired, nauseous.

Good luck at MD Anderson.

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Thank you! Richard has already had a colectomy and an APR in addition to the ablation. I just really need to know how to support him and any way to plan. it's so difficult not being able to make this better. Thank you for taking the time to give me some informatio. 

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This is not news anyone wants to hear. 

Best now to go with the most aggresive treatment, and get those little beggars resected right out of that liver of his. 

It must be so hard as a caregiver, I admire youfor your love and dedication to you Richard. He will do well, with you by his side. 

Good luck as you make your plans, and figure out all of the travel. 


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Well crap! That’s tough. I have not had any liver issues but it did come back in my lung. I agree. Get those suckers cut out! That’s what I did with my lung. Keep in mind, he may have to get more follow up chemo. I did. For me, it was way harder than the surgery.

Good luck with the coming challenges. Sending love and strength.


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