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This is relevant to chemo brain as well

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i know that I’m getting older but it also made me think of the dreaded chemo brain 


Chemo brain


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And I too can relate to chemo brain AND aging. 


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Yup, I've got a double whammy there, chemo brain and aging.  It just depends on which one I'm blaming at the moment of each situation LOL.


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LOL  I blame whichever one is less stupid.... When I can't remember my name or what something is called, chemo brain...  When I can't remember where I put something or when I can't remember what I talked about last night, it's cuz I'm getting old.. LOL

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As we age we loose 4 things;  Our hearing, our  eyesight , out teeth,, And I forget the fourth one!!!

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Ha! Thanks! This gave me a smile this morning. 


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  G'day Phil. Since cancer I seem to have lost the concept of ageing. I just seemed to stay at 48 I just couldn't do everything I ued to do. Then last december I suddely realised I am 70 next birthday. I let that sink in for a couple of days then I told the boss I was finnishing up on the 19th of December. I really feel good about it. Right up to the last day I was as good as i had ever been at my job. There is a lot to be said for getting out while you are still at the top of your game. I never liked charades. Cheers Ron.

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