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When life throws you curveballs...

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I enjoyed this article, perhaps because it captures my own journey to a new life. Nothing new for those of us who've been on this forum for a while, so I'm posting it mostly for new folks.

This resonated with me: "The phrase ‘Now that you are back to normal …’ is like a knife to the heart. We cannot compare our current state to where we were prior to diagnosis. As patients, we must recognize and accept where we are now or we will go mad."

When Life Throws You Curveballs, Embrace the ‘New Normal’

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So true Tamlen! Our new “normal” is different in a million different unique ways from before diagnosis and treatment. We are more beautiful than ever inspite of or because of all we have gone through.... and yet we feel blessed! 


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Enjoyed the article even though I'm an "oldie" and shared it with a friend who has a new heart related dx. I still hate the term "new normal" though!  

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My close friends and family know not to utter that phrase anywhere near me ;)

Fridays Child
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It makes sense and I understand why they use it, but I can't stand that phrase!

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Thanks for sharing this.  I shared it with a mental health professional and am eager to hear her feedback.  

“Create your best new normal for now, with hope of making life the best it can be today, tomorrow and every day.”

To the quote above, all I can say is:  Amen. 

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Donna Faye
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A million thanks for this article, T ! Although I will soon turn 80, I have been an active horsewoman all my life and have never given in to anything w/o a fight. I always won. But now as I await the DECISION appt. - incurable but treatable - but what treatment do I choose??? this article made me wake up to the fact that this time I may need to let up on the throttle and just ride the wave for awhile. I read a wonderful book 20 years ago, When Things Fall Apart, and it was my guide to bravely face cancer treatment and survive.  And I did! Now I must accept that I will never be rid of this bugger, but maybe I can embrace the treatment that will allow me to soldier on for a bit. I have a buyer for my home and in a month will be moving to my son's home. This decision was not easy to make, but I now realize that I need to have someone around when my legs are too tired to walk the dog or maybe even fix a meal when I am not hungry. I am enormously blessed with 2 sons and a daughter that have walked this bumpy road with me for years and have always been my strength when the hill seemed too high to climb. Friends are close by and all these family and friends form  my support herd, called the Mustangs. Read about our wild horses anywhere on the planet and you will see endurance, spirit and loyalty like nowhere else. Just like the Brumbies in Australia who somehow managed to survive the wildfires. Did not mean to ramble on, but this article rang a bell deep in my heart. I will be stronger today because of all of you  and the support you give on this wonderful site on which none of us would choose to be. xoxo DF

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You have the ability to talk so beautifully and powerfully about your experience. Love the name of your support herd -- the Mustangs!

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Thanks Tamlen. This article is so true. 

Love and Hugs,


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