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I have stage 4 lung cancer and wondering how long do the side effects  from treatment last? Extremely tired, no appetite, shortness of breath is bad, and feel like I'm in a dark cloud all the time. 





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As you go through chemo your conditions will be going up and down.  You'll experience tiredness a lot.  Your loss of appetite should be controlled with steroids that your oncologist gives you.  Ask if you are receiving them.  If not, ask that you get this.  It's VERY important that you keep good nutrition and weight!
I have stage 4, small cell lung cancer that currently is in remission!  So hang tight, force yourself through the aches and pains and most important...STAY POSITIVE!!!  It's difficult, at times.  I know.  I went through short periods of chemo-induced depression.  But PUSH THROUGH IT!  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  Just be patient and fight!
Good luck and may God bless you with his healing arms.

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